How To Help Your Child Go Through Being A Teenager At School

School time may be favorite for some kids but not for others. In fact, most adults wouldn’t choose to go back to their schooling years. That’s because schooling years are challenging for most kids and parents. This can be attributed to the fact that some kids are new to the environment and others have challenges doing homework. That’s why you may come across a kid that asks you, is there a way I can get myhomeworkdone without struggling? If your kid asks you such a question, you definitely know that doing homework is an issue. It is important that you help them before homework becomes the reason your kid hates school.

Ideally, parents and teachers should work together to help kids survive at school. That’s because home and school should create an appropriate environment for kids to learn and complete homework. This implies that parents have a role to play to help kids survive at school. Here are some of the ways via which you can help your kid survive at school.

1. Engage Kids In Physical Activities

Studies have shown that childhood obesity has hit epidemic levels in both the developed and developing countries. Obese kids are likely to be laughed at and bullied by their colleagues at school. This can make them hate school or even perform poorly. To avoid this, get active with kids outdoors. Make sure that your kid is active at least 60 minutes each day after school. Intramural sports and physical education sessions count. However, they may not be sufficient. It is important that you encourage your kid to participate in team sports and take up a hobby that makes them physically active. You can even take your kid on a walk, bike regularly or jog together. These are ideal strategies that will help your kid survive at school with ease and develop better socially.

2. Set Aside Time For Homework

Homework can be a battlefield area in a family. It is important that you set aside time for homework. Also, have a specific place in your home where your kid can do homework without interruption. Homework amount increases when kids get to junior high school. In some cases, young adolescents have up to four teachers that assign them homework the same day. Some teachers assign students homework without much communication. This means that students may not know what they are expected to do. Thus, a kid may have piled up homework that they don’t know how to tackle. In that case, make sure that your kid is free to seek help from you. If unable to help your kid with homework, seek help from other places including from experts that offer writing services online. You can also reach out to your kid’s teacher to discuss the homework issue with them. This will go a long way in helping your kid survive at school. 

3. Ask About School

Even if your kid is smart enough to do homework without seeking assistance, inquire about their day at school. For instance, ask your kid what they did in their science class. You can also ask the kid who they sat with over lunch. This will get you informative responses. However, be careful to ensure that you do not press the kid too much. Remember that if you are dealing with an adolescent, their independence sense is developing. Thus, they will shy away from sharing some details with you or want to maintain privacy. Therefore, try to maintain a balance while being open to communication with your kid. Reassure your kid that you want to listen to them without prying on their private life.

4. Have Family Time

You may have a busy schedule due to work-related responsibilities. Your kid can be busy with homework when you get home in the evening. Since you are tired after a busy day at work, you may not have time to hang out with your kid. This can make the kid feel like you don’t care about them and it can affect their performance at school. To avoid this, prioritize having a meal in the evening as a family. Eating together will help you stay together as a family and this will make opening up easy for your kid when they have a school-related issue. Although young adolescents may want to stay away because they want to be independent, they need a caring, loving, and supportive environment. What’s more, holding a conversation with your kid over meals is the best way to connect with them. Therefore, make sure that you get home early and have time with your kid no matter how busy your life is.

School years can be challenging and turbulent for kids. However, you can make these years easier for your kids by helping them survive at school. Instead of being away or dramatic, be there for your kid. Let your kid know that they can always count on you for assistance with any challenge they face at school. This will help them survive at school and be proud of you.


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