12 Tips For Organizing Baby Clothes Without A Closet

When you have a baby, there is a lot to worry about. With topics such as baby food, doctor’s appointments, and dirty diapers on your mind, organization can take a backseat. Organization with a baby in the house can be especially frustrating if you don’t have a closet space to keep your baby’s clothes in.

Having some organization plans can help you keep on top of things, though. So, here, we are going to look at some organization tips to help you keep your baby clothes in order - even if you can’t hang them all up in a closet.

1. Take Note Of What You Have

To get started, look at what you have. Once you know what you’re working with, it is much easier to figure out the best way to organize what you own. This might seem like you’re making more of a mess at first but sometimes you need a fresh start.

2. Mesh Laundry Bags

One of the fastest ways to lose baby clothes is when you’re carrying them around the house and doing laundry. This is especially true for particularly tiny items like baby socks. An easy fix is to gather your baby laundry in a mesh laundry bag rather than carrying loads around in your arms.

3. Use Clothespins

A lot of baby outfits come as outfits rather than pieces. For instance, a shirt and pants might come together rather than buying them separately. To keep these perfectly coordinated outfits together, use a clothespin to clip them together when you fold them.

4. Use Labels

Don’t be afraid to label your baby clothes either. You can label your baby clothes a couple different ways. One way would be to label by season so you can find clothes that fit the weather. On the other hand, you could always label them by size - that way you won’t be grabbing clothes for a newborn once your child is 6 months old. Where to find labels? You can make your own labels or create custom labels online and print them. Check Wunderlabel for more information.

5. Door Storage

There are plenty of storage options that can be used on the back of a door. One of the best options is to find a vertical door hanger that will allow you to organize your baby’s shoes. Pocketed door storage can be used to hold clothes as well.

6. Chalkboard Dresser

You should try painting your baby dresser with chalkboard paint so that you can label the drawers as you would like! This is convenient because as you change your organization technique, you can erase and rewrite the labels on your drawers.

7. Drawer Dividers

For a dresser, you might want to consider putting in dividers to make things easier. This can be particularly useful if you are working with a smaller dresser to organize your clothes. You don’t have to invest in expensive dividers either - you can make your own.

8. Be Smart

When you are organizing, be smart about where you put things. If you use something often, you should keep it within reach and ready to use. For instance, if you use cloth diapers, it only makes sense to keep them near your changing table.

9. Organize By Type

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of organizing clothes by size or season but there are other ways to create organization as well. You could always try organizing clothes by type as well such as keeping pants together or even coordaining off clothes and items such as burp cloths.

10. Mount Baskets

Another option if you want to replace or add to dresser space is to mount wire baskets onto your walls. This way, you are adding storage space but you are doing so without taking up as much space as a bigger dresser would. In addition, you might be surprised how many baby clothes fit into a single basket.

11. Keep A Hamper Close

It isn’t just clean clothes that create clutter - dirty laundry lying around is just as messy. So, keep a hamper in a convenient place so you aren’t tempted to leave dirty laundry lying around. Next to the changing station is a popular choice.

12. Don’t Be Afraid To Donate

When you are organizing clothes, don’t be afraid to donate what you don’t need anymore. For instance, if your child is a year old, those 6-month clothes are probably just taking up space now.

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