Impact Of Toys On The Creativity & Intelligence Of Children

When we think of toys, we think of something that has no practical use. But for toddlers, and preschoolers, the toy has a very practical use. It is the tool that they use to help develop their bodies and their brains.

Getting the right toys can be important for helping your infant develop. But with so many toys on the market nowadays, you can never be too careful about the ones you give your children to play with. In this article, we're going to show you how toys can help on the creativity and intelligence of your children.

Impact Of Toys On The Creativity & Intelligence Of Children

First Months

In the period between zero and three months, infants are not doing a lot in terms of manipulating their environment. This means that they're listening and looking at things.

Start with pictures, bright shapes, sharp contrasts and simple lines. During the early stages, they only see black, white and red, so you may as well start with those colors.

The first shapes that infants perceive are human faces, so you should have a lot of pictures that look like that. The infant`s vision at this point is best between eight and fourteen inches, so if you're going to put something there for them to look at, try and get it in that general vicinity.

A great idea is an unbreakable mirror, maybe a plastic or mylar mirror. Also, they're enjoying soothing sounds, so you might have a toy that has a little music to it, or a soothing sound, but nothing too ruckus.

Brain Development

When you’re picking up popular toys for your kid, one of the key things to consider is age. Infants and toddlers learn to play with their senses and toys are tools that infants use to develop their brains and bodies.

They are able to touch and feel different textures. As the baby grows, some new things are happening. They’re grabbing things, moving them around and they want to have some action.

This is when crib gyms come in handy, but remember not to leave that crib gym with an unattended baby, because they might choke or do something to harm themselves with it. Choosing appropriate toys for their developmental stage will help them in many ways.

But, always look out for your baby's wellbeing to avoid complications. They will be more interested in textured things, big balls, soft items or anything that is bright, squishy, crinkly and makes noise, is great at this age group.


During this period of time, your children are growing and learning faster than ever. They're starting to combine their sensory and cognitive talents to become more creative and imaginative.

So choices that really help promote this creativity and sense of play are great. Children are not only manipulating their environment, but they are also energetic and curious. They might want a push toy, or a pull toy to help them with that.

They might get balls of different sizes, they're also starting to stack one thing on top of another, and there are all sorts of things they can stack from soft blocks, to cups, to cans, to old yogurt containers. But, give them something and they're going to start putting it on top of something else.

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Cognitive Skills

Buying a toy for your kid can be a cool gift for him/her. Try to make sure you purchase some cognitive and critical thinking toys for your child. See how your child interacts with the toy to determine if they are too young or too old for it, for example buying a Unicorn Toy might not be appropriate for a child older than 9+.

When buying these toys, you need to focus more on the challenging side than the creativity side. That is going to help your child in critical thinking, problem-solving and leadership skills. Cognitive electronic toys can be educational as well.

Most parents don’t want their kids on technology games, but if you buy games with a purpose where they are going to learn from it and keep their interests, they are likely to retain that information as they get older.


When you're thinking about buying toys for boys and girls, you want to think about safety. Nothing should be small enough to fit inside the baby's mouth, usually an inch and a half in diameter, nor should it be able to cover their face and prevent them from breathing.

Obviously, you want to look out for sharp edges, sharp points. Sometimes toys will surprise you as even top brand makers make a mistake every now and then.

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