How many Baby Bottles Do I Need? All You Need To Know

So have you reached that point where you are wondering whether to breastfeed your baby or introduce her to formula feeding? Well, this decision is a personal one since you need to weigh the pros and cons of both. But should you choose the latter, the question that you will ask next is “How many baby bottles do I need?”

I had to ask myself that question a few years ago when I wanted to introduce my daughter to formula feeding, and since I went through a lot of research and asking around to get answers to my question, I thought it wise to put my findings down in black and white so you wouldn’t hustle for answers like I did.

Bottle feeding is very important to a baby’s nourishment as it helps introduce some nutrients not available in breast milk into a baby’s body. Usually, there comes a time when your baby’s nutrients demands will overwhelm what your breasts can offer, and at that time, the bottle will be there for her and you.

1, Choosing the Right Type of Bottle

Choosing the Right Type of Bottle

Before deciding on how many bottles you will need, you first need to make sure that you choose the right bottle for your baby depending on the size, shape, material it is made of, venting systems and nipple size. If it is the first time you are going to introduce it, then consider buying several brands and trying them on her until you determine which one she will like feeding on.

You can click on this link to watch a video that will give you more information on how to choose the right bottle type. 

2, Which Bottle Types Are Available?

There are so many kinds of bottles available in the market. Most bottles are made of plastics, glass, and silicone. There are some that are made of light stainless steel. There are also disposable feeding bottles that can be used once.

Pura Kiki 11 Oz / 325 Ml Stainless Steel Infant Bottle With Silicone Medium


As for the size of the bottle, choosing the right size will depend on how old your baby is. For a new-born, a 4-ounce bottle would be ideal. If your baby is 4 to 6 months old, then an 8-ounce bottle would be the most suitable. If she is over 6 months old, a 12-ounce bottle is recommended.

Before getting started on bottle feeding, make sure that you know the basics of how to bottle feed effectively.

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3, How Often Do You Feed Your Baby?

There is no definite answer to this question since your baby’s appetite will change with each and every day that she is growing. A baby’s appetite varies with her age. Newborns tend to feed more often while older babies will tend to feed less often.

This is because older babies can take in a lot of food that will last them a little longer hence making them feed less often.

4, The Number Of Bottles That You Will Need.

This will depend on how often you feed your baby. You have to take note of how many times she feeds in a day. From then you will be able to determine the number of feeding bottles that you will buy for her. Usually, a baby will feed at least six times in a day.

Therefore, the least amounts of bottles that you will require will be six that is if they are reusable. There is also the option of going for the disposable ones if you don’t like washing now and then when she needs a clean bottle.

The minimum number of bottles that you should therefore have is 8 since you will need at least two extra ones that you can carry around when you are on the move with your baby. The number she can use in a day may go as far 12.

5, Which Other Things Are A Must Have?

You will also need to have teats or nipples equal to the number of bottles you have. Ensure that the nipples are of the best material, soft and is of the right size for your baby. A new-born will need a smaller size with a slow flow since they feed slowly.

The best types of teats are the anti-colic ones. This type ensures that little or no air fills your baby’s stomach while she is feeding.

A sterilizing equipment will also come in handy since sterilization is the best method that will definitely clean your baby’s feeding bottle perfect, leaving no air for germs to breathe.

Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer

In recap, the definite number of bottles that you will need for your baby is hard to determine. We cannot say you will need five, or six or seven as this will depend on several factors like how much cash you have, how often you feed your baby and how old she is.

Therefore, to determine how many bottles you will need to:

• Determine how often you feed your baby.

• How old she is.

• How much cash you have on you.

I hope this article was of help to you. You can ask any questions in the comment section below.

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