How To Make A Baby Sneeze – 5 Simple Ways

Have you ever been in a situation where your baby’s nose is stuffed and filled with snots and you don’t know what to do? That’s when you start thinking of how a bad mother you are. Well, don’t fully blame yourself since most mothers have been in that awkward situation too.

Having a stuffy nose is makes someone uncomfortable, in fact very uncomfortable. What with the difficulty in breathing? Leave alone a running nose that needs to be wiped off every time. If all these makes an adult really uncomfortable, can you imagine what it does to a baby?

So next time if your baby’s nose get blocked, don’t sweat it, or maybe you have a baby with a blocked nose right at this moment while you are reading this. Well, thank God because you are in the right place and you are reading the right material.

Why Should I Make My Baby Sneeze?

Usually, a lot of mucus can collect in a baby’s nose and this might be difficult for her to clear. This is what will then lead to her nose getting blocked. In order to clear her nose, you will have to make your baby sneeze.

Sneezing will help her blast out the germs and the unwanted mucus from her nose. This will help clear her nose since sneezing helps to clear the nasal passage.

Sneezing also helps to open up her chest cavity.

What Causes Nasal Congestion In The First Place?

Experts say that nasal blockage is not a condition but rather a symptom of a condition. So when your baby’s nose gets all stuffy, you don’t need to get too much worried, though most moms would be worried. I’d be worried too, so it’s perfectly normal.

Stuffy nose in babies can be caused by one of the following:

 - Allergies

 - Usage of nasal drops

 - Infections

 - Dry air

 - Irritants

Irritants such as dust can irritate your baby’s nasal tissues leading to congestions. Your baby may also have congestions as a result of allergies.

How To Get My Baby To Sneeze?

It gets so disturbing when as a mother you get to watch helplessly how uncomfortable your baby is when her nose is blocked. This is worse especially when she is below six months. She won’t be able to eat as she will be struggling to breathe if not crying most of the time.

The best solution will be to make her sneeze so that she can loosen up some of the mucus in her nose for a normal breathing.

You can do the following to at least initiate some sneezing.

1) Use Either Saline Drops Or Sprays

Use Either Saline Drops Or Sprays

Saline drops will help clear some mucus from your baby’s nasal passage hence increasing her urge to sneeze. You should ensure that you choose the right type of saline drops or sprays since some might cause some irritation on the skin next to your baby’s nose.

Ensure that your hands are clean before touching either the saline solution or your baby’s nose or else you might add some more germs to her nose.

2) Using A Nasal Aspirator To Suck The Mucus

Using A Nasal Aspirator

There are several types of such aspirators which include Bulb Aspirators and the NoseFrida Aspirators. These aspirators can be used together with saline sprays or solutions. If you use the NoseFrida Aspirator, you will put one end of the aspirator inside your baby’s nose and then suck the snort from the other end of the tube.

Care must be taken to ensure that you are gentle to avoid causing any injuries to the baby’s nasal cavity. The saline drops will help to loosen up the mucus hence enabling the baby to clear them on her own. After these, she will experience an urge to sneeze and once she does that, the nose will slowly clear up.

If you choose to use the bulb aspirator, all you have to do is to insert the tip about aquarter of an inch into the baby’s nose gently after squeezing the bulb after which you remove it.

3) Use Spices

Use Spices

Some spices have unique smells that will give a person the feeling of wanting to sneeze. This can actually cause a person to sneeze if the smell is somehow strong. These spices include pepper and coriander.

Should you decide to use pepper, make sure that it doesn’t make contact with the baby’s skin especially the nasal area as this can lead to irritation. The effects can be far much disastrous to a baby since her skin is still soft.

You can crush some pepper and put them in a jar. After that, you have to make sure you have washed your hands with soap to remove the stinging effect of pepper from your hands.

After that, bring the jar closer to the baby’s nose so she could smell it.

The baby will feel some tickle in her nose and she will sneeze immediately. Care must be taken not to irritate the eyes.

4) Carbonated Drink

Carbonated Drink

Drinking some carbonated beverages always makes a person feel like sneezing instantly. But since your baby cannot take such drinks, another solution will be to let her smell it.Simply pour the drink in a cup and hold it below her nose so she could inhale it. This will cause some fizzy feeling in her nose that will make her sneeze instantly.

You have to ensure that the drink is fizzy. The best type of drink that will be more effective is the coke brand of coca cola. You can also try other fizzy drinks that you may know of, as long as you can get your hands on one, then you will be good to go.

5) Tickle Her Nose

Tickle Her Nose

Have you ever tickled your nose before? Either with a feather or some soft material like a tissue paper. Try this and I bet you will sneeze.

How Do I Do This?

It is simple, Take a small piece of feather or even a fake feather and rub it slowly close to the opening of your baby’s nostril while wiggling it to create a tickling sensation and your baby will most definitely sneeze.

Make sure you don’t insert the whole of it. Just rubbing it close to the nostril would do. Please ensure that you don’t use any sharp object at all cost.

You can also use peppermint to achieve the same result since peppermint always makes some people sneeze. This can be done by letting your baby sniff the peppermint scent and as a result, she will feel like sneezing.

In recap, the snotty nose is a common problem that everyone must always face from time to time and babies are not spared too. Your baby might have it anytime but the good news is that as a mother, you don’t need to get worked up over what to do.


All you will need to do is just find a way to decongest the nose or make the baby sneeze, then voila! The snotty nose is gone.

For more information on how to make a baby sneeze, you can click the links below to watch the videos.

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