7 Useful Tips For Traveling With a Baby

When it comes to traveling, most of us tend to choose a plane or a car as our transportation. It is not difficult to adults. However, you might find it quite challenging and confusing if this is your first holiday with an infant. Eating, sleeping, diaper changes, crossing several time zones, or how to make the little one obedient to you can stress newbies like you out.  

To be honest, having a long holiday with babies is much easier than with teenagers because you are the one to control everything once you know how. Therefore, today article will help you out with 7 useful tips for traveling with a baby.

#1. Use a sleepy sounds app

We all know that sleeping is a vital factor to the development of a baby and that is why parents often worry a lot about if it is difficult to make their child sink into a deep sleep due to the new environment, especially strange noises. Thus, one solution for you is to use a sleep sounds app which could be used for nap and night time as well.

Whenever he shows some signs of sleeping, for instance, kicking up a fuss, eyes rubbing, or ears pulling, open the app you downloaded. The continuous sounds can calm your little kid down and help him fall into sleep without being disturbed by other background noises.

#2. Draw up a useful checklist

Before any trips, a list of necessary things to buy is always required. Although you have a very good memory, honestly, you cannot remember all of them, particularly when you must get your infant ready for the long holiday also. Have that list at least one week in advance to make sure that you have enough time to get them all.

#3. Bring his towels and sheets

In fact, babies tend to get annoyed with a completely new environment. Hence, you should bring his towels and sheets along that can make him in the comfort of his own home. Just pack several of them to change in case one gets dirty.

Another reason you had better do it is that towels at your hotel might make your baby come out in a rash. This is understandable as the baby skin is very sensitive. Be careful with everything touch his skin by choosing towels which are made from a good material to avoid any damage on your child’ sensitive skin.

#4. Prepare some bottles

It is not always comfortable for you to breastfeed, especially when you are in public. Also, you do not want to spend the whole day on staying in your hotel just to feed your little kid on time, right? Thus, a bottle of your breast milk comes highly recommended as your family can go anywhere without worrying about his eating.

Likewise, in case your family travel by plane, giving your infant a bottle to suck will alleviate the pain he suffers from while the airplane is taking off or coming down. However, if you think a bottle is too big, so get a pacifier offering the same benefit.

#5. Take advantage of a baby carrier

You cannot hold your kid all the time when you go out, and it is very hard to soothe him when you are surrounded by people. A baby carrier will let you have your eye on him and enjoy your traveling time as well.

#6. Be friendly

Many strangers will around so make sure that your baby will not bother them, particularly when the seatmates do not get on well with your kids. Otherwise, if your little one is very sensitive to strangers, please politely warn them about that since a lot of passengers are interested in babies and they might try to communicate with your child.

#7. Attach a label to any food containers

You might want to pump breast milk into bottles before your travel. Now, it is allowed to bring them on an airplane. However, if you do not want to get trouble with securities from gate to gate, you had better attach a label with the volume on any food containers, especially his milk bottles.


Travelling time can be considered as an important milestone in their development that you can put in memory books for your little kids. Hope that with the 7 useful tips for traveling with a baby today can help you well prepare for your upcoming family holiday. If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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